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Peter started Bears as Peter and the Wolves in 2014 by singing loops, mapping them to MIDI, and then teaching them to people who could play instruments. He played a mean trumpet in high school but has since forgotten how. His other interests include: Dune, baking bread, ad-libbing llama songs, walking uncomfortably fast, and writing.



Cara Idol - bass

Peter McGuire - vocals, guitar, keys

Everett Rain - drums

Becca Reilly - violin, piano, vocals

Becca was classically trained on the violin, taught herself piano, and has always believed music had a big role in her life. She became a Bear by luck, but stuck around for the music. When not making music, she can be found recreationally writing, consuming books, cuddling her cat, trying not to kill her plants, and walking with no set destination.

Cara just wants to play music and laugh... and a lot of the time her butt crack is hanging out.

Everett plays drums. He's just an ex-con with a heart of gold, eternally seeking the bridge between humankind and the divine - and failing every time.