From The Recordings Html


I like spaghetti and long afternoons making sauce
I like to keep my teeth clean but I never seem to floss
And I like to sit around and read, sometimes writing just for myself, sometimes I don’t even bother to rhyme or follow structured meter, the meter’s all fucked up. Hold on I’ll figure it out here in a second

And I like to drink a beer every night
just kidding I like to drink a lot and it’s probably killing me
I sing my shakey, snakey songs, sometimes strum and sing real loud, sometimes shout and try to feel like I’m alive

And I’m not a catholic, but I still like to confess
I once was a catholic and man that shit don’t rest
But now I stand up when I pray, make them listen to what I say, make them listen to me say-oh shit what was I going to say, oh fuck I totally I blew it

And I like to take myself out for long walks
And I try not to think about all the stupid shit I’ve ever said and done ever in my life
I’d like to be someone that I’m not, and so I plan and scheme and plot, and almost every day I’d have to say I’m frankly disappointed

Ooh this is my song for myself
this is my song for myself
For the me of little spaces, the me that tucks away, this is the only way I’ve found to let that timid creature free,

It’s nice to see you, hello it’s nice to see you, that’s pretty much what I wanted to say